Relax For PageLines 5 Platform

Relax is a simple parallax elements section that revisits the eye-candy styles of DMS.

Relax Is A Custom PageLines 5 Section Modified By World Webscapes

  • Parallax Background Image
  • Logo/Image Section With Variable Sizing and Margin Opts
  • H1 Title and Rich Text Subheadline.
  • Primary and Secondary Buttons with Standard Opts.
  • Custom Section Alignment for Masthead, Hero, Hero Reverse

Relax Is Shortcode Compatible And Works In Any Post/Page Loop

PageLines ReLax

A Simple Parallax Elements Section For PageLines 5



Note: Mobile devices will not get parallax effect and section alignment will set to masthead.

Known Issues/Bugs: If the NavPro menu is used in “sticky mode”, the buttons or links in the section will not function due to a z-index setting in NavPro.

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