Portfolio Plus Template

This template can be used for a one-page portfolio or other section. It uses a minimal design and hover-effect buttons. The buttons can be linked to popups as shown in the demo, or external links.

Try It Now Inside This Post

Test out on a page full width.

How To Use This Template

IMPORTANT: Elementor Pro Is Required To Use This Template

The template files are all included in the zip file below. Download the file and unzip on your computer. Upload the portfolio plus template to your saved sections and create a new page with it.

Upload the popups to the popup templates area.

Editing the Links

Change the links to the Elementor popups or your own link here for each of the HTML widgets.

Use the Following Helpful Free Plugin To Get These URLs

Editing Colors And Fonts

The colors and fonts are able to be changed in the advanced/custom css tab of each HTML widget here.

Download Template Files Now

The hover effects used in this are inspired by the following

Wacky buttons #2

A PEN BY matimoon

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