Belly Rubs Basset Rescue

Belly Rubs Basset Rescue is an all-volunteer organization working to find good homes for abandoned, abused and unwanted Basset Hounds and Basset mixes in Tennessee, Northern Mississippi, and Eastern Arkansas. They asked us to help them with a much more modern and stylish look for their hounds than most rescue sites have.

Home Page Splash Hero

Pet Finder Integration

We also needed to connect to the Petfinder API and import the hounds to the site.

Petfinder and Give integration

Give Donations

Any rescue operation depends on donations. We needed this to function easily. We chose the Give plugin for WordPress to handle all donations.

Inner Page Template

Inner Page Template

The client wanted a minimal two-column layout for the inner pages without a lot of frills. This worked better for mobile visitors with the plugins we needed.

Finished Site

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