FFC Technologies

A World Webscapes Project

December 30, 2018

Project Summary

FFC Technologies

A Summary Of The Client Project

Tools Used

We accomplished this by using the following.

End Results

The end result was this.

Project Challenges

Design Challenges
Design Challenges 85%
Wordpress Challenges
Wordpress Challenges 95%
Elementor Challenges
Elementor Challenges 100%

FFC specializes in developing innovative, organic, broad spectrum and cost effective anti-microbial solutions across six industries that adheres to Clean Label and Green Standards. FFC is positioned to capitalize on the growing shift towards organic, anti-microbial products. Our mission is to develop these solutions across six industry segments including food, commercial and industrial, antimicrobial packaging, cosmetics, water treatment, and medical solutions.

How World Webscapes Helped.

We were contacted by the client via a referral and sent a PDF and PowerPoint presentation of the clients information. We then converted all the verbiage and imagery to WordPress.