Read More Toggle Tutorial

A lot of times we need to make our posts pretty long but to save space on mobile phones, a read more toggle can be very useful. By using ACF (Advanced Custom Fields), an Elementor template, and an Elementor Toggle widget, we can now add more content to our posts. You can see how to achieve this by “Reading More” below.


#1 Create An Advanced Custom Field

Create a single WYSIWYG field in ACF and name it Read More

#2 Create A New Template

Create a new Elementor Template and add a text editor widget. From the dynamic options, choose our ACF field. Save your template.

#3 Copy The Template Shortcode

Copy the shortcode of your new dynamic template.

#4 Edit Single Post Template And Add A Toggle Widget

At the bottom of your single post template, add a Toggle widget. Insert the shortcode of the ACF template.

#5 Create a new blog post and fill out the new ACF at the bottom of your post.

#6 Your Post Will Now Toggle The Read More Content

#7 This Tutorial Is Now Complete. Please Hit The Like Button and Share It.

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