Using Dynamic Data To Display User Info With Elementor 2.4

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Using dynamic data with Elementor is easy.

In this tutorial I will teach you how to add your users dynamic data on a page for a personal touch to your members.

Our Data

The data we will be pulling today comes from our users profile. They must fill out the basic fields for this to work.

Calling our data

You can see in this image that I created a basic template. I have used only the Heading element in this tutorial but you may use this for other elements as well. By selecting the dynamic data link, We can change the heading to our users data.

Selecting the dynamic category

From the dropdown, select “user info” from our list of datasets. You will not see any changes yet.

Selecting the correct field

I will now go back to our dynamic data and choose the field that I need to pull from. I need the first name. After choosing this your page will show the first name.

Repeat the steps for the last name

We will repeat the previous steps to generate our last name.

Adding a new element

Let’s now add our users bio data. Drag a heading element over to our column.

Change the color

Change the color to black to match our others using the style tab. For this tutorial I will not attempt to style our template any further.

Select our dynamic data again

We will again select out dynamic data link and click for drop down.

Choose user info category

Again choose user info category from the options

Selecting the field

We will now choose bio from our list of options.

The final output.

Our user data is now displayed on our page. You may repeat this process to add any other fields that are displayed in your profile page.


We hope this tutorial helps you personalize your website pages for your users. Please share this and do not forget to smash the like button before you leave.