Using Patreon To Monetize Your Blog Or Website

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Using Patreon API integration for your website to monetize posts and pages is a great way to increase revenue.  Patreon is a growing platform for artists, musicians, photographers, and other creators to monetize their fan base.  WordPress can be combined via API to also bring revenue to your website.

Create A Patreon Account Page

Set Goals and Tiers

Set Up Payments

Install Patreon WordPress Plugin

Create And Connect Via API

Configure The Plugin

Create A New Blank WP Page For The Connector

Create a placeholder page named patreon-authorization for the redirect URI to work.

Create a New Post On Your Website

Set the dollar or tier amount you wish for this post on the right sidebar

Publish Your Post

View Your Post

Notice that is shows to you because you are an administrator.

View Incognito

The content of the post is hidden until unlocked. This also works with WooCommerce for a VIP members shop or category.

Users Will Then Click The Button To Connect And Pay

Trouble Shooting And FAQ

Users MUST be logged in to your website as a subscriber AND ALSO logged into Patreon similar to other social media API connectors like a Facebook Login for your website in order to access the private content. This means you must enable users to register on your website. You can use the standard WP user registration or a more advanced one based on your needs.

Patreon is a pretty new platform. I have had to walk a few, less technical, users via email support for my clients to make sure they have created a “fan” account on Patreon and are logged in to both accounts. As Patreon becomes more popular, I feel this issue will be less complicated.

You will find for testing that you should create a separate “fan account” on Patreon and your website with a different email so that you can walk your clients through the steps as a visitor will see it. I have created a FAQ page or an instruction tutorial for my clients and visitors.

For a sample of a live site of mine with this working visit

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