Using The New Popups In Elementor 2.4

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The new 4.5 version of Elementor is just around the corner and one of it’s cool new features is the way we can now do popups without some other plugin. Yes we hate popups, but these are a cool feature and can be used in many more ways than we ever could in the past. But let’s not get carried away. This is 101.

Go to your templates area and select the popup templates area.

Step One Create A New Popup Template.

Now lets give it a name. I am calling this “My Test Popup.”

Choose A Unique Name For Our Template

When the next screen pops up, you have a nice selection of pre-made templates to use but lets stick to the basics.

Pre-Made Templates

Lets just start with a simple one col section with our pink button.

Starting From Scratch

Here I have added a Header widget and a Text widget.

Setting Up Our Look

We can add most any element to this new template but lets pause again. Lets hit that publish button. It will now pop up with a bunch of confusing stuff. Follow the steps. Add a condition to display across the entire site and hit next.

Adding The Conditions

Now we get this screen with a bunch of options. Lets only do this one to test. Toggle the On Page Load option and hit next.

Our Next Condition Option.

Our final set of options are the advanced features. Here we can say I only want to see this stupid thing three times. Or only show if logged out. If you hit this one, you are not going to be able to see your work, so do not do it yet. Hit the Save And Close button.

Advanced Conditions

Exit to the dashboard, and now go visit your homepage. Your popup will now load.

The Final Popop


I hope this keeps the explanation simple and easy for people on how to use the new popups. Now go edit your popup and get fancy. And please smash the like and share button on the way out the door.