Using XCode To Test Your Website UX

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In this tutorial I will show you how to use XCode to test out your user experience. For this tutorial you will need to download XCode from the App Store. We will be creating a blank app that does nothing except allow us to make use of the available emulators.

Step One: Open XCode

Open Xcode on your iMac. We will select the middle option which is create a new Xcode project.

Step Two: Create A Single View App

Create a new Single View App from the screen you see here.

Step Three: Name Your Project

We will need to give our project a name. You can name this anything you wish. I will call this Website Tester.

Step Four: Choose A Destination

Select a location on your hard drive for this app to reside. I will just use my desktop for this tutorial.

Step Five: Selecting Our Emulator

From the drop down list located up top near your play button choose a emulator you want to test on. I will start with an iPhone XR.

Step Six: Starting Our App

Click the play button to start the emulator. This process will take a minute or two depending on your system to build your app and load the emulator.

Step Seven: The App Loads

Your emulator will load and show a white screen, this is normal since we did not put any elements into our app. Depending the emulator you chose, navigate to your device home screen by swiping up, or using the home button.

Step Eight: Opening Safari

Once your device has gotten to the home screen, you will see our new blank app on your screen. Open Safari from the favorites bar.

Step Nine: Test Your Site

You can now test your website just as a visitor will see it. You will need to use your mouse to scroll as a touch would function. You can visit all your pages freely.

Step Ten: Multiple Views

You can load multiple emulators if you wish by repeating step five and choosing a new testing device.


I hope this tutorial helps you create your website to be the best it can be across all devices.

Footnote: Android Studio may be used in the same way to test your sites across those platforms.