We Just Built Your Site Now What

A World Webscapes Tutorial

Get Started Now

At World Webscapes, we like to give our clients complete ownership of your website. We built it, you paid for it, enjoy it. We offer monthly maintenance plans, but if you would like to do things on your own, here are some things you need to know and do.

Log In

Along with your other information about your site that I give you, is login credentials to your site. This information is critical and needs to be secure. WRITE IT DOWN!

With any WordPress site, the address will be (yoursite.com/wp-admin)

Welcome To Your Dashboard

You can see that the main sections are all in the left sidebar. You have posts (news articles, tutorials like this, or the blog), pages, products (if you have shopping cart), and all the other tools you need for your website.

What Should I Do

You should log in to you site at least once a month and check for updates.

Please update your plugins often. When I hand over your site, I have only installed plugins that are trusted and well maintained by their developers. These updates will generally cause no issues to update. If you are afraid, please ask.

Write Something To Your News or Blog.

WordPress is a blog at the very core. It is meant to write stories. Make a new post. There are hundreds of YouTube videos on how to write a post so I am not going to give all the details here. Ask for help!

Make a Simple Edit To Your Page I Created.

I generally recommend Elementor to my clients. It comes with free and paid versions. In most cases I prefer that we add the cost of the pro version to our initial budget.

My Content Is Not On My Page When I Hit Edit Page.

When you hit edit page, on a page I have finished for you, you may not see all the content. That is due to it being built on the “front side” with Elementor. Please click the Edit With Elementor button.

Give The Editor Time To Load

The editor will generally load within about 10 seconds depending on your connection. If you have added additional plugins or have heavy content, it may take longer. If it is totally stuck and you have tried several attempts, ask for help.

Make An Edit

Make edits to the widgets by right clicking on them and editing the text. In most cases, you may only need to do this occasionally for a special promotion. You can also get crazy and add new stuff on your own. If you totally break your page, there are undo and revision backups located in the bottom left toolbar. If you break a page a time or two, we will help you fix it. If you break things a lot, we will bill you for hours. If you would rather us make changes, please ask.

Save Your Work

Please save and publish after every few big changes. This creates restore points.

Check Mobile Responsivenes

Please review any updates you make in mobile and tablet views.

Save Your Work Again.

View Pages

Go back to the page as a visitor and look at what changes you made. They may look slightly different if you changed paddings or other big edits.

Keep An Eye On Your Website

We try to build you the best website we can for a reasonable cost. We love helping our clients and will fix things as needed. In the end though, it is your website and you must keep it maintained just like a car. We hope this help you get started with your new site.