What is the best theme for my Elementor website.

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As a member of several Facebook groups for Elementor, I see this question asked probably more than any other. While there is probably no correct answer to this question, I would like to share my beliefs.

Let’s Rewind

WordPress has been around for a while, and it has evolved in this time. During its toddler and teenage years, people created themes that were essentially blocks of functions and hooks that could be used to mingle with your content to create a layout. People would spend many hours selecting a theme that was “pretty close” to the style they liked. Many folks made a lot of money creating themes and selling them.

WordPress grows up

In the last five years, the term “layout builder” or “platform” was added to WordPress. These theme builders started out crude and on the back-end of the admin panel as a theme. We could create a style of our own for the first time

In the last three years, Page builders such as Elementor, Divi, And Beaver Builder have all moved to editing on the front side so that you are previewing your site as the visitor sees it. These builders changed from being a theme to being a plug-in. We can add blocks of content and style them all with impressive results. All of these builders override the theme content. So what is the best theme? It really does not matter (much).

Themes And Elementor

Since this post is about Elementor, let’s talk about that. Elementor free version allows you to control the content area, but still use the themes header and footer as well as navigation. If you are using Elementor as a free plugin then choose a theme such as GeneratePress, Or Astra since both of these themes offer a lot of custom features. Both of these are paid themes for the pro features.

Go Pro!

Elementor Pro allows you to control your sites header and footers and create all your custom archives and single pages templates. Since you are now using nearly none of the themes content, why choose a theme that has a ton of features and paid. The answer is DON’T. Elementor Hello theme is free and a barebones skeleton theme that contains only the basic functions to call the content editor.

Elementor IS your theme.

The answer to our original question is Elementor, because it has now taken the place of our old way of using WordPress.