How To Use Elementor Templates In A Slider

Here We Have A Slider With Elementor Template Shortcodes

A Great Solution Starts With A Problem

We all love RevSlider but it is expensive and bloat heavy. We can now use Elementor Templates in short-code form as a solution.

Create Your Slide Templates And Copy The Shortcodes

I created three simple slide templates. I then looked in my template list and copied them to a notepad.

Add Additional Elements

You can add any elements that you need to the slides. The possibilities are endless.


Let’s learn how to do it.

Step One

Create A Base Template In Elementor For Each Slider And Save It.

Step Two

Repeat This Process For The Number Of Slides Needed.

Step Three

Grab The Short-codes From Our Template Gallery.

Step Four

Set An Image If Desired And Add The Short-Codes To Our Slider Widget. These Will NOT Show Up Until You View The Page. Do Not Panic!

Step Five

Set your Slider Heights and Width In The Settings To The Best Results For Your Templates.

Step Six

Save and View Your Page. The Slides Will Now Show Up


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